Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan… especially Amsterdam

Kinda last chance to do this, at least for Paris and Amsterdam:

I’m leaving for my AFP extravaganza in around 36 hours, which means the last time I’ll be able to check my messages online before the concerts may be… tomorrow evening, i.e. around 24 hours from now. (I’ll check them tomorrow morning, too.)

I’ll be seeing AFP in Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and Milan. I’m not travelling with any friends and I know nobody going to any of these gigs (except for thomymayotube in Paris). It would be nice to have someone to chat to while queueing, though! So, if you’re going to any of these gigs and would like to meet up, drop me an ask or reply to this post or something.

It would also be absolutely awesome if someone could +1 me in Amsterdam. Due to the mysteries of international rail travel, I won’t be able to make it to the venue much before 2 p.m., i.e. way too late for a reasonably good spot. This, I repeat, is not because I’m too lazy to queue early but because this is literally the earliest train from Paris all my searches turned up. I’m really short, too, so getting a spot somewhere in the middle of a crowd of several thousands pretty much guarantees I won’t be able to see shit. So, if you happen to be going to Amsterdam, and plan to queue earlier than two p.m., and don’t have anyone else to +1… I’d be really grateful.

I’m a goldsmith, btw; “payment” in jewellery could be arranged…

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    I’m doing those dates + the others :)
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    Sent you an ask, but will be in Amsterdam and come say hi and don’t worry! Amsterdam is apparently far from sold out,...
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