Radiohead drummer Phil Selway says 'now feels right' time to start recording new album | NME

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This is a very recent song but it’s about… I don’t know how personal I want to get explaining it. The imagery is all really accurate to a certain time period in my life right after my downstairs neighbor in my last apartment died and the downward spiral I had for a while after that. There was this trail behind the place that I would walk on and it always made me even more depressed to see all the lights on in everyone’s houses alongside it while I was trying hard to stay afloat. A lot of my writing lately has circled the same feeling that I’m no longer feeling, both in music and elsewhere. Anyway, this is about… NOT killing myself? Probably the happiest song I’ve been working on, all things considered. “Survival” is definitely the theme of everything I’m doing right now.

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You know, this is my first Radiohead pre-album hype as a rabid fan. My Radiohead fandom only went nuclear a couple of months or so after TKoL… (Yes, it’s possible to be a casual Radiohead fan, I was one for fourteen years or so. I couldn’t even have told you how many people there were in the band.)

I had a Thom Yorke frustration dream (with random added Neil Young) tonight. I was attending this concert in a huge empty auditorium, it was all seats. I was in the first row but there was a vast distance between the band and the audience. It was Thom Yorke and Atoms for Peace, I think, and for some reason Neil Young was playing with them (who didn’t look like Neil Young at all, but was introduced as him.). The venue was far to large and only the first five rows or so were occupied. After two or three songs, Thom Yorke got frustrated with the huge empty space and decided to move the gig to a smaller venue. We all got our stuff and left, but as soon as I was outside the whole crowd seemed to be gone and I couldn’t find anyone who could point me the way to the new venue, so I just ran around this impossibly huge building full of empty lecture halls and eventually ended up crawling through a dusty air duct after somebody who seemed to know where they were going.


Thom Yorke - Polyfauna 2.0 (full album, stacked stems) by CitizenInsaneVideos

16 minutes!

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Anyone have any idea if the old version of Polyfauna is going to remain available, or if it’s gonna be gone forever? I probably won’t get around to buying a smartphone in time, and it doesn’t seem possible to download an app onto your computer so as to install it on a mobile device later.

(Yay! Isn’t it great how technology moves forward and removes options that we used to have, like keeping a copy of a program for later use without actually installing it…)

I shall try this. Just give me some time.


Okay, I’m not gonna get the time to do this properly, with transcript/quotes and stuff, so I’ll just do it sloppy and quick:

- Love love love listening to Phil Selway talk. I mean, I love listening to all of them, but his speaking voice is in a class of its own, really.

- Also love Mary Ann Hobbs’ breathy, thrilled voice when she talks about him :D

- The bit about all of them being “remarkable people” at school, and them pretty much being noticed at school even before they started the band

- The “coy” meeting with Ed in the pub :D (Noel and I have decided it’s just screaming for fanfic, and the pairing should be called Edlip Philward.)

- On a less silly note, I find it fascinating and telling that Phil Selway frames the whole starting a band thing as something people “make happen for each other”.



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one of the most graceful musicians i’ve ever met @philipselway of @radiohead is my guest on Weekend Breakfast @BBC6Music 7-10am Sat & Sun