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…he does?

Yeah. Granted, I only know of one example - the John Matthias album Stories from the Watercooler - but I only found out about that one by thinking “wait, that looks familiar” and then looking in the fine print… so there’s a good chance there’s other, undiscovered examples, too.


Stanley Donwood updated his blog
“BACK TO SKOOL” (21 August)

“This print is actually the first to emerge from a strange and new body of work that has been fermenting and curdling in my mind for some time. Even I find it quite disturbing. More artwork will emerge next month, perhaps wrapped around a record.”

Before we get too excited, though, we should remember that he *does* do artwork for artists other than Radiohead, too.

Clarification: not alcohol-hungover but too-much-mental-input-hungover. I only had half of one small glass of some kind of weird Scandinavian schnaps from the indefatigable Finns (or was it the Swedes that night? I get confused… and they were all in the same tent) throughout the entire con.

Worldcon’s been over since Monday and I still feel hungover.

And the rest of the month is just packed with work


I haven’t forgotten about responding to your emails! :D They’re next on my to do list after I finish this contractual work, which is taking over my life. I feel so bad I haven’t gotten around to responding to them yet, but I don’t want to rush them.

It’s all right! You’re not my personal research slave! :D Anyway; I’ve got e-mail addies/business cards of a geologist, an evolutionary biologist and a climate guy now, too… :-)

Live tumbling from a Worldcon panel on the terribleness of tumblr!

There was a panel today about rock music and science fiction which apparently featured Radiohead, and which I missed. (There was a climate change panel on at the same time, which was relevant to my writing project, so I had to go to that.)

Also, there was a reading from the next volume of that book series I was going on about here recently, and I was there, and now I’m officially EVEN MORE WORRIED than before, ahhhhhhhh. :-(

hey, I’m in London. If there is anything Radiohead happening in the city between now and Monday, could you guys let me know (asks will do - or, if anyone wants my mobile number, you could also send me a text message- I don’t have a smartphone, so asks will only reach me once a day or so, when I can find a moment to go online. If you’d be willing to text me, drop me an ask and I’ll send you my mobile number. Thanks!.

Reblogging one particularly painful Yorke gif or pic every other day or so to let people know I’m still alive

Reblogging one particularly painful Yorke gif or pic every other day or so to let people know I’m still alive

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